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Development and utilization status of mica

There are more than 30 mining areas in China. The main producing areas are: Xinjiang Altai Muscovite Mine, Sichuan Danba Muscovite Mine, Inner Mongolia Tuguiula Muscovite Mine, Shaanxi Danfeng Muscovite Mine, Jilin Ji'an Phlogopite Mine, Henan Zhenping gold mica mine and Hebei Quyang Baiyun parent mine.

Most of them produce crushed mica and its products while producing industrial raw materials. Some metallurgical companies also recover broken mica from the beneficiation tailings and supply the market.

Xinjiang non-metallic minerals company, Sichuan Danba Mica Mine, Ya'an Mica Factory and Inner Mongolia Tugui Wula Mica Mine, etc., produce mica powder and Mica Products. The production of Mica Paper is Sichuan Ya'an Mica Company, which is used by more than 350 enterprises in 27 provinces and cities nationwide, and the products are tested abroad. Xinjiang Mica No. 1 Factory produces high temperature resistant mica board. The manufacturers of mica powder are Ya'an Mica Factory and Hebei Lingshou. The products can be exported in addition to domestic demand.


1. Low comprehensive utilization rate: the comprehensive utilization of muscovite, foreign countries have achieved no waste in the factory, and 100% of raw materials are used. The comprehensive utilization rate of China's muscovite is about 40%, and it still needs to expand its application fields.

2. The application field is narrow: In recent years, the comprehensive utilization of muscovite has been expanding, and it has achieved good applications in the fields of building materials, earthquake resistance, lubrication, organic and inorganic composite materials, and sealing materials. There are 10 categories and more than 100 varieties of products processed comprehensively. China's application field is relatively narrow,


Strengthen technical research, improve comprehensive utilization rate and continuously expand application areas, and broaden the market.

development trend

From the general trend, due to the success of artificial synthesis of large crystals of muscovite, the demand for large muscovite in the world will gradually decrease, so the exploitation of natural large muscovite will decrease year by year. However, the demand for debris muscovite will continue to increase. The existing high-quality muscovite in the world is far from meeting the needs, and the development of synthetic muscovite is accelerating.

The current consumption structure of muscovite has changed. It is estimated that the demand for mica in the world will continue to decline at a rate of 4.6% per year, while the demand for broken mica will continue to grow at an average rate of 1.5% per year.

Muscovite comprehensive utilization products----mica paper and wet-milled mica powder and mica deep-processing products are all relatively popular products on the international market.

The demand for the tube feeding mica is balanced, and the capacitor chip and the outer thick mica are basically saturated. Natural flaky mica is generally replaced by alternative materials. However, as a comprehensive utilization product of muscovite, mica paper and mica powder as well as deep-processed products such as mica Insulation Products and mica paper appliances have begun to sell well.

(1) The mica paper market machinery department has long determined that mica paper insulation materials for motors mainly use mica paper instead of mica flakes. In 1987, China's new power generation equipment capacity was 9.2 million kilowatts. It is usually calculated by adding 5 tons of mica paper to the newly added capacity of 100,000 kilowatts. It requires about 460 tons of mica paper. China's energy industry is the focus of development in the future. During the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" period, it is planned to reach a generating capacity of 10 million kilowatts per year. The annual requirement for mica paper is not less than 500 tons, and a total of more than 2,500 tons is required. In addition, China's power generation capacity has reached 100 million kilowatts in 1987. If 20-30% replacement maintenance is considered, the mica paper required for maintenance is also considerable. In addition, there are a large number of industrial and household appliances that also require a large number of products such as insulating cardboard. The domestic mica paper market is promising.

(2) Mica powder market China's electric welding rod production requires about 15,000 tons of mica powder per year, 140,000 tons of mica powder for linoleum paper, 2,000 tons of mica powder for fire-fighting equipment, plus the newly developed mica powder application field, from development In the trend, the demand for mica powder may increase further.

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