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the European plug

First, the European plug 1, the European plug: also known as the French standard plug is also called the plug plug has supplier and supplier specifications such as: KE-006YX-002 and other countries and certification: (D (Denmark); N (Norway) S (Sweden); VDE (Germany); FI (Finland); IMQ (Italy); KEMA (Netherlands); CEBEC (Belgium).

Product suffix: N/1225

2. The power line identification indicates the code: H05VV□□F3G0.75mm2:

H: indicates European regulations, EU logo 05: indicates the power line strength (03300V05500V)

VV: the front V surface core insulation layer, and the rear V represents the sheath insulation layer of the Power Cable. VV, for example, is denoted by RR to indicate a rubber insulation layer, such as VV: N is represented by neoprene rubber;

□ □: The front [□" is specially coded, followed by [□" to indicate a flat line. If H2 is added, it means a flat two-core line;

F: indicates that the line is soft line 3: indicates the number of internal lines G: represents ground 0.75mA: indicates the cross-sectional area of the power line 3, PVC: material refers to the material of the reinforcing insulating layer is below 80°C, the soft PVC also With a hardness of 78°55°, the larger the number, the harder the temperature is, and the higher the temperature of the rubber thread is, the lower the temperature of the rubber cord is 200°C. The same applies to the soft body hardness (PVC) soft body thread.

Second, the British plug 1, British plug: 240V50HZ pressure 3750V3S0.5mA, fuse (3A5A10A13A) (FVSE) → fuse, size requirements: total length of 25-26.2mm middle diameter of 4.7-6.3mm both ends of the metal cap diameter of 6.25-6.5 Mm (silk screen BS1362);

2, the plug of the internal line (disassemble the BS plug is right to his right for the L line (fire) fuse, the length of the ground wire must be greater than (FireWire, zero line) 3 times the length of the fixed screw to loosen with external force to pull out The line must be finally dropped (fixed screws fixing the three lines must be tapered).

3, the power cord identification with the European plug.

Third, the United States plug 1, the United States plug: 120V50/60HZ is divided into two core wire, three core wire and polarity, non-polarity, to the United States power plug copper sheet must have rubber sleeve;

The two-core printing line indicates the FireWire; the polarity plug has a large zero line, and the small-footed FireWire (the power line has an uneven surface and the line surface is a FireWire);

2. There are two modes for wire rods: NISPT-2 double-layer insulation, XTV and SPT single-layer insulation NISPT-2: NISPT means double insulation, -2 surface two-core wire core insulation outer layer insulation;

XTV and SPT: single-layer insulation layer, -2 surface two-core wire (thread body with groove, outer layer insulation directly copper conductor);

SPT-3: single-layer insulation tape ground, -3 three-core wire (thread body with groove, the middle of the ground for double insulation);

Both SPT and NISPT are off-line, and SVT is double insulated on round wire. Core Insulation Outer Layer Insulation 3, American Plugs General Use The certification number does not have a UL on the plug. Such as: E233157E236618

4, American plugs and European plugs are different:

European plug use "H" said;

How many lines of the U.S. regulation are used, such as: 2 x 1.31mm2 (16AWG), 2 x 0.824mm2 (18AWG): VW-1 (or HPN) 60°C (or 105°C) 300V

2: indicates the number of cores;

1.31 or 0.824mm2: indicates the core cross-sectional area;

16AWG: The cross-sectional area of the core mold, corresponding to mm2;

VW-1 or HPN: VW-1 is PVC material; HPN: is neoprene rubber material 60 °C or 150 °C as the temperature of the power cord;

300V: The strength of the power cord is different from that of the European standard (European standard is indicated by 03 or 05).

Fourth, Japan plug: PSE, JET


1. VFF: V means wire material PVC; FF is single-layer insulation layer with groove body;

2, VCTFK: VC surface material PVC; TFK for the double insulation layer deviation, outer insulation layer, inner insulation layer, copper conductor;

3, VCTF: VC said line material PVC; TF double insulation round wire;

4, the power cord is two kinds: one is 3×0.75mm2, the other is 2×0.75mm2

3×0.75mm2:3 represents a three-core wire; 0.75mm2 represents a core cross-sectional area;

5, F: indicates the software line material;

6, Japan plug three-wire plug only two pieces of inserts, the ground directly locked in the socket (safe and convenient).

Fifth, the appliance's rated current corresponds to the use of software cable cross-sectional area:

1. Appliances with a crossover area greater than 0.2 and less than or equal to 3A: 0.5 and 0.75 mm2

2 Appliances greater than 3A less than or equal to 6A Application of cord cross-sectional area: 0.75 and 1.0 mm2

3, appliances greater than 6A less than or equal to 10A application of soft wire cross-sectional area: 1.0 and 1.5mm2

4 Appliances greater than 10A and less than or equal to 16A Application of soft wire cross-sectional area: 1.5 and 2.5mm2

5, appliance greater than 16A less than or equal to 25A appliance application cord cross-sectional area: 2.5 and 4.0mm2

6 Appliances greater than 25A and less than or equal to 32A Application of cross-sectional area of the cord: 4.0 and 6.0 mm2

7 Appliances greater than 32A less than or equal to 40A Application of cross-sectional area of the cord: 6.0 and 10.0 mm2

8. Apparatus application cross-sectional area greater than 40A and less than or equal to 63A: 10.0 and 16.0 mm2

Six, for the quality of more than the number of KG appliances using more power cord models:

1, 3kg the following electrical appliances (appliances) apply H03 power cord;

2, 3kg-6kg of electrical appliances (appliances) apply H05 power cord.

Note: The soft (F) body power cord must not be in contact with sharp or sharp appliances. The power supply flexible (F) wire cannot withstand the contact or joint pressure by (lead, tin) welding reinforcement "easy to drop" Must pass 40-60N relay cannot fall off.

7. Power cord temperature rise test and mechanical strength test 1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material line and rubber line: Assembled on electrical products, the open test power cord bifurcation shall not exceed 50K (75°C);

2, power line swing test: (fixed plug swing power line)

The first kind: for the wires that will bend during normal operation, add 2kg load to the power cord 90° vertically (45° for each of the two wires) Swing 20,000 times The power cord body and plug must not have an abnormality must be turned on (frequency 1 minute 60 times);

The second type: the bent wire during the maintenance of the user (the wire that will not bend during normal operation) adds 2kg load to the power cord 180° test 200 times without abnormality (frequency 1 minute 6 times).

Eight, power line

cross-sectional radius (R2) × (pi) × (number of cores) as: 0.75mm2 power line is 0.12 × 3.14 × 24 0.7536mm2

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